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Data Conversion


Managing data and data conversion is an integral process in the implementation of any Art Collection Management solution. Artlid's team of data conversion experts can speed up the processes involved in successful data integration and conversion. This translates into significant savings, resulting in less training for staff and successful, hassle-free access for clients such as virtual exhibition visitors.




Whether clients require a one-day, personalized training module or a complete and intensive training course in Collection Management for employees - Artlid's professional teachers can effectively deliver customized solutions either on-site or at our comfortable offices.




Artlid's focus on high-level security management and client confidentiality maintenance has been incorporated into the system at all levels of operation.


Infrastructure level security:

Professional MS SQL Database Server with built-in-security.

Firewall providing essential protection from hackers, viruses and other privacy threats.

Option of working through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, HTTPS protocol - secures Artlid via encryption and authentication methodologies.

Application level security:

Only authorized users can access collection.

User permissions control.

Administration level security:

Full log and permanent monitoring of users' activities

Full reports of users' activities.

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