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Michael Kovner


Michael Kovner was born in Hadera, Israel, raised and educated on Kibbutz Ein Hachoresh. He studied 1972-1975 in New York at the New York Studio School and was influenced by the teachings of Philip Guston, Jack Tworkow and Mercedes Mattar. In 1975 he Joins Bezalel Academy of Art and Design as an art instructor and the American-Israel Foundation scholarship committee.

In 1978-1980 Explores new artistic directions with a series of birdג€™s-eye-view landscapes painted from aerial photographs and desert vistas painted in the outdoors. Begins his relationship woth the Bineth Gallery in Tel-Aviv. Mounts two successful shows at the Gallery ג€“ desert paintings and an exhibition of drawings.

In 1996-1997 Exhibitions in New York, Washington DC and in New Haven, Connecticut.

1998 Together with artist friend Jan Rauchwerger paints the port of Ashdod. The paintings are exhibited in Museums in Haifa and Ashdod.

2000 Returns to the Beit Shean Valley; deals with the relationship between water and sky and paints the fish ponds and reservoirs in a series entitled "Lakes".

Jan Rauchwerger asks Kovner to share a studio in New York City where he now works for three months each year.

Professionals Highlights

Selected One-Man Exhibitions

1975 - "Paintings from New-York", Artists House, Jerusalem

1978 - "Landscape Drawings: A Birdג€™s Eye View", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1979 - "Desert", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1981 - "Houses in Gaza", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv (catalogue)

1983 -"Images": Paintings according to "Lego", Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv


1985 -"Meet an Israeli Artist", Israel Museum, Jerusalem

"Portraits", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1988 -"Landscapes", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1990 - "Jerusalem Scenes", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1992 - "A Girl in a Room", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1995 -"End of 1995", Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv (catalogue)

1996 -"Eretz", N.A.F.I. Gallery, New York

1997 -"Eretz", Yale University, New Haven

1998 -"Eretz ג€“ Landscapes of Israel", Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery,

Washington, DC, co-sponsored by the Embassy of Israel for the 50th

anniversary of the State of Israel

1998 -"Port", Haifa Museum, Ashdod Museum (catalogue)

2000- "Orchards", Artspace, Jerusalem

"Haystacks", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

2001 -"The Human side" David Yalin college for Education, Jerusalem

2002 - "Landscapes 1978-2002", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan


2002 - "Seascapes", Gallery on the Cliff, Natania

2005 - "New York Landscapes", Bineth Gallery Tel Aviv

2006 - May 4 "the Mountain and the Sea", George Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco

Selected Group Exhibitions

1972-1978 - New York Galleries in USA - Salander Oג€™Reily Galleries, NYC

1981 - "Israeli Prints from the Burston Graphic Center", The Israel Museum,

Jerusalem (catalogue)

1981 - "A Turning Point", Twelve Israeli Artists, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art,

Tel-Aviv (catalogue)

1983 - "The Negev in Israeli Art", Ben Gurion University of the Negev


1987 - "Towards a New Realism", The Ashdot-Yaג€™acov Museum, Kibbutz

Ashdot -Yaג€™acov (catalogue)

1988 - "Fresh Paint", the Younger Generation in Israeli Art, Tel-Aviv Museum

of Art, Tel-Aviv (catalogue)

1991 - "Mountains Round About", Jerusalem in Israeli Printmaking from the

Seventies and the Eighties, Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture (catalogue)

1992 - "Tribute to Ayala Zacks", Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1994 - "The Printerג€™s Imprint", Twenty Years of the Jerusalem Print

Workshop, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (catalogue)

1995 - "Autumn Gallery", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan

1996-1997 - "The Jewish Continuity", Jewish Museum, New York

1997 - "Landscapes", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan

1998 - "50/50" - Fifty Israeli Artists for Israelג€™s Fiftieth Anniversary, Jewish

Museum, San Francisco

2001 - "Collection +", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2003 ג€“ "Marked Landscapes" Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba

2004 ג€“ "Our Landscapes", University of Haifa, Haifa

2005 - March 10 ג€“ "The continuous Mark: 40 years of the New York Studio


2003-2005 - George Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco

Public Works

Mural ג€“ Electricity Company, Jerusalem, Painting on ceramic tiles, 6X4 m., 1997

Mural ג€“ Beit-Haג€™Oved, Haifa Painting on ceramic tiles, 2.5X20 m., 1998

Mural in "Denmark" High School in Jerusalem, oil on wood, 3.4X5 m., 1979

Selected Collections

Jewish Museum, New York

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Haifa Museum

The Open Museum, Tefen

The Presidentג€™s Residence, Jerusalem


1984 - Awarded fellowship to study in New York by the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation.

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