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Moshe Sternschuss


Moshe Sternschuss was born in Galicia in 1903 and immigrated to Israel.

In 1929 he studied painting in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Crafts in Jerusalem where he worked closely with Boris shatz, Meir Gur Arie and Zeev Raban.

Between 1930-1934 he pursued studies in Paris in the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs. In 1935 he returned to Israel settling in Tel-Aviv. Throughout his life he combined teaching art with his artistic activity.

He joined Aharon Avni in founding in 1936 the Histadrut Studio for Painting and Sculpture which later became The Avni Institute. He was head of the sculpture department and later taught at the Wizo-Tzarfat school as well as the Haifa University.

Sternschuss was one of the founders of the New Horizons group and in 1948-1959 participated in all the group's exhibitions.

In 1986 Sternschuss retired and in 1992 he died of a fatal illness in Tel-Aviv.

Sternschuss was awarded the Dizengoff Prize by the municipality of Tel-Aviv twice and in 2001 a retrospective exhibition was held in his honor in the Tel-Aviv Museum.

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