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Artlid for Judaica

Artlid the software solution for Judaica Collectors

Artlid Collection Management Software provides a management solution for all types of collections. We have a unique solution for Judaica.

Professional Judaica Cataloguing

We understand that our system must manage to turn information into knowledge and so Artlid was created with the help of professional museum curators to fit the advanced methodology for Judaica cataloguing.

Artlid leads the process of management and cataloguing into a strategic aid that can also serve and enrich the collector.

Artlid's Unique and Enriched Judaica Database

Our software does more than just record and track processes.

Since we have many Judaica collectors all over the world we followed their demands to create a system that will optimize their search and identification needs.

We built special trees to accommodate the Judaica item cataloguing according to different typology: objects, makers, techniques, periods, Jewish holidays & traditions and much more.

Artlid's search engine is highly advanced enabling retrieval of any item instantly. Furthermore; our enriched Judaica dictionaries and thesaurus include predefined data such as: periods, makers, materials, techniques etc.

Special Services

Not only does Artlid manage administrative tasks we also pride ourselves in the special services we offer. Upon demand we supply professional cataloguing, professional digital photography, data conversion, creating a personalized virtual museum for the collector and of course the efficient and skilled support.

Security & Confidentiality

Artlid's focus on high level security is incorporated into the system at all levels.

The system allows for only authorized users to access the collection. The collector has full control on monitoring the users and controlling their activities. The collector can enable outsider viewing or block it completely.

Artlid is the answer to every need of the Judaica collection


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