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Artlid's  main modules encompass and support every aspect of the Collection Management process and feature throughout every process an advanced, powerful search engine which can be implemented to associate module activities on a relational basis with each item or activity undergoing manipulation.


Cataloguing Module


Module responsible for Item cataloguing and virtual presentations/exhibits.


Collection/Items Management Module:


Responsible for Collection/Items management, activities, acquisitions, locations, inventories, tasks, periodic tasks, insurance etc.


Collection/Items Management feature a wide range of logistical and management tasks such as:

Activity control.

Insurance management.

Customizable collection reports.

Item groups management.

Item tasks and location management such as:

current and permanent location

various location reports

moving items reports

storage condition definitions


Items price and evaluation management such as:

evaluation history



Generation of user-friendly custom reports.


Users' authorization control.


High-level security implementation.


Item acquisitions and provenance.


Item owners' history support.


Item activity support such as:





selected to be exhibited



Item tasks such as:

items for cataloguing and care

tasks for specific users

periodic tasks (daily, weekly, monthly)



Library Module


This module includes information such as: Artists/Makers library, Glossary, Bibliography and an external pool (resources) with data manipulation options. A powerful search engine that enables a full text search or perform advanced search.


Thesaurus Module


This module includes information such as: Origins, Styles, Materials, Techniques, Circa Date types, Measurements, Information types supplied with predefined information.

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