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Benefits & Features

Artlid offers a variety of benefits and features which reflect Artlid's team of development and support experts' vast knowledge experience in developing and providing only the best Collection Management solutions to a diverse range of international clients.


Comprehensive web-based solution for any type of Collection Management model.


State-of-the-art, intuitive Web browser/interface.


Standard data structures supporting a wide range of collection types such as:
   Dublin Core, CDWA, EAD, ISAAR, ISAD (G), Marc, Z39.50 and IsraCore.


Unlimited media and text content support in various formats such as:
   gif, jpeg, png, tif, mp3, avi, mpeg, pdf, rtf, doc, etc.


Advanced, powerful search engine by keyword, specified fields, inside texts and documents.


Intuitive item groups management functions.


Integrated internal and external information pool and resources.


and much more...




Rapid implementation.


Reduced internal IT resources and overhead required.


Secure, clientless, web-based Collection Management environment.


Global remote collection access.


Easy organization of virtual exhibitions and items sets for presentations and management functions.


Device independent: PDA, handheld PC, handheld PC tablet accessibility.


Supports any size of collection content.


Supplied with predefined data structures and information for cataloguing and collection management.


Powerful, advanced internal search engine


Designed by Collection Management museum experts and based on international cataloguing standards.


Comprehensive Items Management functions.


Advanced infrastructure, application and administration security.


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